Regular cleaning

· Dusting all rooms
· Lamps and lighting fixtures,
· All windows sills,
· TV and accessories,
· Shelves,
· Around books and picture frames,
· Picture frames on walls,
· Tables and chairs, wiping table tops
· Door frames,
· Sofas (including under sofa and behind sofa if accessible),
· Light dusting of blinds,
· Wet and dry floor cleaning (including mopping under small rugs),
· Carpets and rugs vacuum cleaning
· Mirrors cleaning.


· Cleaning refrigerator exterior,
· Wiping top and bottom kitchen cabinets,
· Wiping table tops,
· Trash and recycling removing,
· Stove top and wall behind stove top heavy cleaning,
· Kitchen sink cleaning,
· Microwave cleaning (interior/exterior),
· Toaster cleaning (interior/exterior),


· Make beds,
· Floor wet cleaning including under bad if possible,
· Change sheets (if sheets are provided)


· Wiping shelves,
· Cleaning soap dish,
· Trash removing,
· Bathtub or shower heavy cleaning,
· Tile heavy cleaning,
· Sink(s) heavy cleaning,
· Toilet and behind toilet heavy cleaning,
· Bath mats vacuuming,
· Mapping the floor,
· Mirrors cleaning.

Deep Cleaning

*Includes all from General Cleaning +

All rooms

· Dusting all shelves with moving all top things, books, picture frames, etc.,
· Dusting behind wall units and tables,
· Blinds heavy dusting or wiping down if possible.


· Heavy cleaning inside: oven, refrigerator, kitchen cabinets,
· Cleaning inside trash cans,
· Cleaning of baseboards.


· Tiles mold and mildew removing if possible,
· Stain removal if possible.

Deep Cleaning

We recommend that if you haven't cleaned your home for a while or are moving in or out of a new place, you should have it deep cleaned. Deep cleaning before moving in or after moving out will give our professionals time to do the best job. With no furniture in the house, we will pay special attention to every part of your home to make it sparkle for all to see. Along with the deep cleaning, we also offer assistance with packing and unpacking your belongings for an additional fee.

Post Construction Cleaning

It takes a responsible crew to make a house sparkle after a renovation. Our Little Bees know how to satisfy even the most demanding clients. Every corner and every square inch of your home will be clean. We start with the ceiling and finish with the floor. Your house will look better than new after Little Bees finishing the project.

We also offer other top Quality services:

Professional Window Cleaning

The Little Bees that clean your windows will bring the light back into your home. Our fully insured staff is both professional and experienced. Every piece of glass will be spotless. Our professional Little Bees also clean windowsills, frames, screens, storm windows and child protecting guards. Do you live in a brown stone, a high-rise building on the 25 floor, or in a townhouse? It doesn't matter since we will gladly clean your windows.

Our window cleaners are safe.

We care about safety. Our window cleaners will not work without using fall protection equipment. Every Little Bees employee will consider the dangers before stepping out on the ledge. We use specially designed fall protection and fall arrest equipment to keep all our employees safe.

Professional Closet Organizer

Is your closet a mess? Do you get tired of not finding the things you need? Where did that other sock go? Let us help get your closet space organized.

Organization isn't a gift or a trait, but it is an acquired skill. Organization is knowledge that anyone can learn. Little Bees offers a couple of different organization services. We can teach you the organization skills you need or organize your closet for you. We work with reach-in closets, walk-in closets, kitchen cabinets, shelve, and any other space that needs organization. After our professional staff organizes your closet, you will enjoy being able to find the necessities for a long time to come. Don't settle on how your closet looks now but call us to organize it for you!

Professional Chandeliers Cleaning

It takes a delicate touch to clean chandeliers. The cleaning is time-consuming and requires patience, since every chandelier has many pieces. Our professional staff is experienced in this work. We will clean any type of chandelier in any configuration. We have no problem cleaning a custom-made crystal chandelier or a store-bought piece. The products that we use contain no damage causing cleaners. We only use natural and green products.